Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Three

Y’all gotta quit worrying, as if I’m NOT gonna post something when I’ve had my baby! Please.(^^ This statement is meant mostly for my family and friends who are under the impression that if they haven’t spoken to me in a day or so, even if we hardly ever speak, that I MUST be in the hospital having this baby. Weirdos.)

Anyway, today’s DD is to listen to your body. Give it rest when it needs it. Make your body a priority. That’s probably one of the biggest lessons I’m going to take away from being pregnant. I had to learn to listen better to my body because it was very overtly affecting another person: my son. But, once he’s not living in the womb, I still need to remember that if I don’t care for my body I won’t be able to care for him. I want to be able to run after him, ride bikes… I want to participate in him growing up. But enough hormonal mom ramblings, just take some naps every now and again, Kay?

[Here is some proof that this dude is still chillin’ out, but has dropped. Also proof that I braved the cicadas and was in my backyard this evening.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Three

Have you ever been talking to someone and said something that shocked you? YOU said something that shocked YOU? This could be a great or terrible thing, but either way it’s a revealing of your heart. Today I was proud about it… And if I’m honest, that’s not always the case.

My one word for 2016, the one thing I’ve been thinking on and working on, is motherhood. Since I’m pregnant that could seen like a cop out, seem like I don’t care. However, I think any woman who has had children can say motherhood is a strange thing. But today I was talking to my pastor about motherhood and I said: ” Motherhood isn’t a task you mark off or an achievement you reach, it’s process, it’s something you become.”. So, for the last 100 and some days I’ve meditated on this so much that God has renewed my mind and dropped this nugget into my heart. I’m so excited to see what else He has for me to learn about what motherhood means for me.  [I tried a new restaurant downtown this weekend. And I love how my good friend Kelly described it: subway for pizza.]

[Ummmmm, how are we 100 some days into the year?? Where has it all gone?? I hope y’all are still working on your goals!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Sixty

I really like the quote ‘be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about the method’. I’ve worked on that for the past few years, and despite some people’s beliefs, I’ve been pretty successful. Today was a great example of how beautifully things can turn out if you’re flexible on the method, even if something is ‘a tradition’.
[Cook Family Christmas was pretty sweet today!]

[A picture of our tree from Christmas morning because why not]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Thirty Eight

Spouse and I had one of our first genuine dates in a looooooooong time. We ate some great food, had some chai at the new Starbucks, and laughed a lot! I ACTUALLY HAD ADAM LAUGH BECAUSE I WAS FUNNY! It was dreamy. We also spent some time working on Christmas decorating. My heart feels full and warm and fuzzy…gross.

[I’m kidding about my joy being gross , BUT I know it’s annoying when everyone is gushing about their love life and you ain’t got nothin to gush about. So, shout out to those single homies, or private homies, who get sick of all the ooey gooey, lovey blog posts.]

[And to further make this sickeningly sweet post sweeter, my cat loves to cuddle me lately. Maybe Mr. Marbles already loves Cookie…]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Three

When was the last time you celebrated a friend’s victory? I don’t mean a super crazy awesome victory that YOU aspire to accomplish, but something that maybe you’ve already done or overcome? Do you scoff at those things? “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt” attitude could be crushing people in your life that you love. Celebrate the big AND the small things. Enjoy the joys of your friends. Support them as they endeavor to move forward, even if they’re way ahead of you, and especially if they’re way behind you. [This precious human got her drivers license! Even though I’ve got mine, I got on her level and celebrated. She drove me out to get some chai tea and we looked at books for a few hours. Hannah and I aren’t in the same season in life but I’m enjoying being a part of her growth as a woman. Celebrating the victories, big or small.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Ninety Four

The important things in life are at times ugly. They’re not worth posting about on Facebook, they’re not decorative or fancy. I try to keep into perspective that these seemingly boring tasks are important and necessary. I will lie down for sleep with a smile because an important, boring, dirty, spider infested task was completed today. Adam started and finished the difficult task of moving our shed, mostly on his own. He spent his day off shoveling a whole lot of gravel and teaching a few music lessons in between! More pretty, decorative, fancy, exciting projects are in our future, but we can’t help but do first things first.  [Andrew and Bob and Heidi and Uncle Rob were all amazing humans today.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

If ya’ll forgot, I was working out earlier this year with my awesome neighbor. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping mum on that front. The silence was because we’ve been really sporadic about getting together. One thing or another seemed to be getting in the way, however there is hope! Heather and I are back at it and chipping away at our health goals. I may be extra sore, but I’m oh so proud. Cheers to getting back “on the horse” so to speak.
[COLOR CHANGING SILLY PUTTY IS AT TARGET!!!! I’ve been looking for this for Adam for YEARS! It’s the best. Seriously.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Thirty Seven

My first goal of 2015 was to finish going through the workout DVDs and start them all over again. This afternoon my first goal for 2015 was half accomplished! Tomorrow Heather and I will do the second half of the goal, starting it all over.

IMG_1295[This is an action shot from one of our workouts a week or so ago. It’s not always all smiles!]

[I’m going to take my after photo tomorrow because I’m crazy tired, but I’m excited to see what results I’ve gotten! Maaaaaaaaybe I’ll post it. lol]

Daily Disciplines: Day Twenty One

People often say “dream big” or “shoot for the moon”. Today I got to spend the day with my other half planning for our “regular” size dreams. It’s important to believe for the big things: home, spouse, education, health, but it’s important to believe for the little things: a couch that suits our living room, a new modern looking bed frame, picture frames, or rugs. Adam and I are now gonna make a plan to reach these little dreams.

2015/01/img_1245.jpg[I might be saving my nickels and dimes for the full couch version of this beauty. Oh, Ikea, you make me swoon!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Fourteen

Yesterday’s DD was about a journal I decided to start. The first entry asked me to list things I’m afraid of, and one of the things I wrote was not going to college. This is me taking a step towards overcoming that fear, even if I’m still scared of failing and being a huge disappointment. I signed up for two classes on the Coursera app and couldn’t be more excited!