Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eleven

Adam and I took Victor to the park for the first time! We just walked around the paved walking trail they have, but it felt nice to be out about in the sunshine for a little while. I really haven’t been as active as I like, for obvious reasons, so I’m really really really looking forward to being more back to myself and getting active again!

[Would have posted a picture of us or the baby but we didn’t get one. I’ll have to make up for this grave mistake and take several tomorrow.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Fifty Nine

“Will you accept my apology?” 
“Will you please forgive me?”

[It can be scary to ask these questions. If you find that you can’t ask them, you need to ask yourself a question: “Why?”. i got convicted about my emotional maturity today and I’m so glad that I was, it means I’m growing.] 

[Check out this cool little guy we found a few Sundays ago!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Three

Not sure how missed these posts have been, but imma get back at it. Cook Family 3.0 is in crunch time with about 7 weeks till our teacup human arrives! So, in the spirit of getting things done and being productive, I came home from work, put my feet up, promptly fell asleep, and I’ve continued to chill. If it’s any consolation my spouse has been pretty productive…

[Oh, I went and picked up some groceries after work! I guess I have been semi productive.]

[Adam and I clean up nicely for weddings. Congrats to Garrick and my new cousin Jordan!]

[And also, what’s the deal with leg cramps?!?!? They’re terrifying and painful and the worst. Pregnancy is beautiful and wonderful and super, but leg cramps and restless legs are none of those above adjectives.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ninety Four

Even if you feel awkward asking questions, its a good habit to cultivate. Not all questions are appropriate, or the timing could be bad, but I can’t let fear hold me back from asking… Ask and you shall receive, yeah? 
[Gave my doctor a call to see if I should come in to see them about something. I felt kinda stupid, or like I was bothering them. Turns out they want me to see them tomorrow, which if I hadn’t asked I’d have never known… And that could have been a mess. No worries, ya’ll, I’m good, just gotta get a check up! I’ll do what I can to let ya’ll know how it goes!]

[This quote, bless it. Thus saith Cakelin!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eighty Five

At the risk of sounding like the weakest link, I asked to come home from work early today. After a very very very busy and emotionally draining last few days I needed some alone time. I’m learning what reenergizes me and what drains me and trying to build times into my regular life to get what I need. It’s not weak to admit you need rest.
[Sorry I’ve missed several days, everyone. I’ve missed sharing what’s happening in my life with you, but it’s been a hectic few days. I participated in our church’s annual women’s intensive, I even got to speak for a session! It was a wonderful time of learning and spiritual growth, but left me needing a day of rest! But, no fear, I’m back and ready tofinish this year of DD strong.]