Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

If ya’ll forgot, I was working out earlier this year with my awesome neighbor. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping mum on that front. The silence was because we’ve been really sporadic about getting together. One thing or another seemed to be getting in the way, however there is hope! Heather and I are back at it and chipping away at our health goals. I may be extra sore, but I’m oh so proud. Cheers to getting back “on the horse” so to speak.
[COLOR CHANGING SILLY PUTTY IS AT TARGET!!!! I’ve been looking for this for Adam for YEARS! It’s the best. Seriously.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty One

Two or three weeks ago if you’d have told me I’d do an intense 48 minute workout I’d laugh in your face. However, today I did just that! We only stopped the video once and I came out of the workout looking forward to doing better next time. Even if I can’t tell from day to day, I know that progress is being made!

IMG_6903.JPG[For our housewarming party, some friends of ours did some amazing money folding gift magic! Adam really should have figured out a way to wear that bow tie… And I was sorely tempted to keep the butterfly ring forever.]



IMG_6906.JPG[They also made some boxes that had money in them too! AND ANOTHER RING! Even if it was only about 16$ it was the coolest way to receive money on the planet!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Ninety Two

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together than it does to fall apart.”

[Best keep it together and move forward, even if you just plain don’t want to… Today I went over to my Grandparents’ House and when I pulled up there was an ambulance in front of their place. I watched them wheel my Grandpa out: he’d been slurring is speech, couldn’t open his eyes, was having a difficult time breathing, and was even shaking. He’s much better now that he’s gotten some fluids in him, but they’re still going to run more tests. Thank God for wholeness in his body!]


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty

I saw that a friend of mine posted this for the month of May, so I talked to Adam about it. He’s been super dedicated to getting his exercise time in everyday and he thought this would be great fun for us to do together. Here’s to planking for a month!


I wasn’t real sure how to do these, so I just popped on over to YouTube and looked up a video. This video was short and sweet. Happy planking!

Daily Disciplines: Day Seventy Two

I made another appointment for another check up at another doctor today. It’s silly to be nervous about doing my regular check ups and doctor appointments, but with a little encouragement from my bff and some successful appointments under my belt I’ll have this being healthy thing on lock! ‘Yay’ for progress!

[Eating while in traffic is apparently on my list of favorite things to do.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Four

It was so nice to take a walk in our winter wonderland tonight. Not only is it good for me physically, I think our walk was good for me emotionally. We chose to walk over by the high school where we met and reminisced. It’s the little things in life that we tend to cherish.


Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Three

Cooking dinner is so nice with a crock-pot. I want the slight edge to work for me: Make dinner for a very busy day overnight so my family can have a healthy home cooked meal and extend their lives because they’re not just eating out for convenience. It was really easy to start this meal tonight, but starting was the hardest part.