Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Seven

While cleaning the apartment today with Adam, I was struck but how annoying it can be. You put the dishes away and then there’s more to wash, you wash laundry, and then there’s more to wash the next day… Life is a messy business and it keeps you busy, but I also realized that it’s worth the hassle. Even if I can’t keep everything in perfectly clean order all the time, the life I have with Adam in our tiny apartment is wonderful. I will keep working the cycle of cleaning, putting away, dirtying, and cleaning again because I get to be a good steward of this busy, messy life.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy Six

Today I did the meal planning and the grocery shopping without Adam. It was nice not being totally alone, a good friend came to keep me company! What’s even more awesome is being able to get more done at a time: I went shopping and Adam did the laundry! Our family is learning the power of multitasking.

[This picture was taken from my walk yesterday.]