Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred TenĀ 

Laundry Room Project One: Hang Curtain in Doorway in Lieu of a Door


[This wasn’t an expensive or time consuming project, but it’s made a huge impact on the space. Sorry for the awkward picture, but taking photos in this area is near impossible.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty Four

Today I got to do laundry at home for the first time in over a year. Good-bye laundromat adventures! Laundry is back to being my favorite chore and I couldn’t be happier.

IMG_7003.JPG[God was so good in helping us be able to purchase this awesome set with a ton of discounts and deals. I feel crazy blessed.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eighty Eight

Organizing and cleaning isn’t a very exciting thing, but it’s very noticeable when not done. Today I was blessed with Adam’s company and we went around the house cleaning and organizing what all is unpacked already. Our laundry area looks a million times better!


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Eight

I did all the laundry. And I folded it. Things got pretty serious at the laundry mat.

[I also worked on the ‘Thank You’ cards for people who helped us move. Even if I was incredibly hot and sweaty, I was very productive.]



Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Seven

While cleaning the apartment today with Adam, I was struck but how annoying it can be. You put the dishes away and then there’s more to wash, you wash laundry, and then there’s more to wash the next day… Life is a messy business and it keeps you busy, but I also realized that it’s worth the hassle. Even if I can’t keep everything in perfectly clean order all the time, the life I have with Adam in our tiny apartment is wonderful. I will keep working the cycle of cleaning, putting away, dirtying, and cleaning again because I get to be a good steward of this busy, messy life.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eight

Hooray for doing laundry and finally having a place to hang things to dry! Apartment living certainly is character building.


Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighty Nine

While working on the meal plan for the week at the laundry mat, I noticed a bunch of trash on the floor. Picking up the trash is just like putting away a shopping cart: easy to do, easy not to do. It’s nice doing my part to keep the laundry place tidy.