Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Fifty One 

Even though my son is a baby, I talk to him like I would an adult. So today I taught him about time, and clocks, and calendars, and numbers and we even touched space just a little bit. Past conversations include: human anatomy, letters/spelling, palindromes/onomatopoeias, and weather. I hope our chats about the world and how things work continue to develop and grow as he does; it’ll be even better when he can contribute! Don’t ever make the mistake that little ones aren’t getting something from you talking to them, it’ll make a difference.

[This guy rocks his tummy time! Also still forever trying to hold that head up. Why he gotta grow up so quick??] 

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighty One

Limits and boundaries are basically the same thing. But I’d probably say that a boundary is something we set and a limit is something that’s set for us. I’m working to juggle and express what my limits are and what my boundaries are. What I cannot do verses what I will not do.
[Victor was so good at his first doctor appointment. And according to their scale this guy gained two ounces!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighty

Some men don’t want to be parents, some don’t make it a priority or see the value in taking an active role. Because of persisting negative ideas and stereotypes a lot of women have a hard time letting dads be dads. They’re afraid to trust what he brings to the parenting table. Adam is different than I am, he has different skills, talents, knowledge, and I appreciate it. So tonight, I want to appreciate men who want to be dads and are giving it their all. And kudos to all those ladies out there supporting their men being dads.

[My two dudes went on a mini adventure this evening! I wanted to go so badly, but Victor needs time with his daddy. So, while Adam took him around the block, I got some fresh evening air and waited on the front porch. Nights like this just make me overjoyed to be on a team with Adam.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eighty Eight

One never knows the secrets to be learned from a work of fiction. As much as I enjoy reading to learn something, I get bogged down with the dry language and stiff statistics. Jesus taught in parables because he knew that we could take hard truths snuck into a good story. All that being said, this year I’m enjoying revisiting some classics and tackling some I never thought I’d get to!
[Thought I had a copy of this, but couldn’t find it in my book totes! No worries, B & N to the rescue.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eighty Two

Get your own tribe. Find people to do life with and do life together. Celebrate who you can trust and be a person that can be trusted.
[Day two of the intensive was a marathon of listening, speaking, learning, note taking, crying, laughing…stuff. It is finished.]

[Also, I have no words for what it feels like to be supported by my husband. Thank you for believing in me and the gifts God has given me, Cook Adam.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nineteen 

I enjoyed my home today. I find that people forget to enjoy their space after the newness has worn off. You can have a perfect deck with a perfect yard and look out your window at it and not once take time to enjoy it. Deciding to celebrate and take pleasure in my space has been a real process, I’ve not always been very good at it, but I am so much more happy for trying. Our deck needs work done to it and our view might not be grand, but this is where we are and it’s perfect.

Daily Disciplines: Day Fourteen

Yesterday’s DD was about a journal I decided to start. The first entry asked me to list things I’m afraid of, and one of the things I wrote was not going to college. This is me taking a step towards overcoming that fear, even if I’m still scared of failing and being a huge disappointment. I signed up for two classes on the Coursera app and couldn’t be more excited!