Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Seven

This s’more made by one of our youth kids is a perfect description for how awesome our bonfire was tonight. Teens are amazing and when you invest in them you get a good return. Want a change of perspective? Spend some time with the young people in your life. They funny too.

[Missed some of our kids a bunch a ton, but we’ll do it again soon!!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Three

Great Idea: see Adam for lunch and take a walk to the park

Not Great Idea: carry baby in your arms instead of taking the stroller 

Also Not Great Idea: in addition to heavy baby, have heavy backpack diaper bag on

Best Idea: enjoy the time you can find to be together as a family

[Adam held Victor while I played of the swings. It was heavenly. And made me giggle like I was in kindergarten again.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Eleven

Adam and I took Victor to the park for the first time! We just walked around the paved walking trail they have, but it felt nice to be out about in the sunshine for a little while. I really haven’t been as active as I like, for obvious reasons, so I’m really really really looking forward to being more back to myself and getting active again!

[Would have posted a picture of us or the baby but we didn’t get one. I’ll have to make up for this grave mistake and take several tomorrow.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Ninety Four

The important things in life are at times ugly. They’re not worth posting about on Facebook, they’re not decorative or fancy. I try to keep into perspective that these seemingly boring tasks are important and necessary. I will lie down for sleep with a smile because an important, boring, dirty, spider infested task was completed today. Adam started and finished the difficult task of moving our shed, mostly on his own. He spent his day off shoveling a whole lot of gravel and teaching a few music lessons in between! More pretty, decorative, fancy, exciting projects are in our future, but we can’t help but do first things first.  [Andrew and Bob and Heidi and Uncle Rob were all amazing humans today.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

I  went fishing. I caught fish. I baited my own hook. I KISSED A FISH!! There are things that scare us or make us nervous but if we just tried it we might find its not so bad. I’m not going to say fishing is my new favorite outdoor activity, but I can now enjoy one of my husband’s favorite outdoor activities!
^^ first fish is ever caught: a blue gill

^^ third fish I’d ever caught: bass

*This happened yesterday, but DD doesn’t get posted on Sunday’s anymore*

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty One

Project Shrub Elimination: Phase One
 [Adam and I have some simple, but kinda labor intensive plans for this little yard. I’m not usually the one doing yard work, but after the day I had I was ready to CUT STUFF UP! Since I could only get to this after work, not a whole whole lot of progress was made today. I am super excited to share the progress we make.]

And I know this is becoming a long post, but I do want to apologize for missing days here. I have been fighting with sleep for years, it’s even been a DD to go to bed early!

That being said, things are going well at Casa de Cook. Lots and lots of repetitive cleaning and normal life stuff. Still DD-ing, I hope you all are too. 

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nineteen 

I enjoyed my home today. I find that people forget to enjoy their space after the newness has worn off. You can have a perfect deck with a perfect yard and look out your window at it and not once take time to enjoy it. Deciding to celebrate and take pleasure in my space has been a real process, I’ve not always been very good at it, but I am so much more happy for trying. Our deck needs work done to it and our view might not be grand, but this is where we are and it’s perfect.

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Three

I’ve heard it said “attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure”. I’m not real great yet at viewing things as an adventure at first, but I’m changing my mind a lot sooner.

[Today was fine, no big crises, but I was thinking on this while Adam and I were going about being busy with life stuff.]


[On Sunday Adam and I went to explore our local park. It’s a nice little place. The seesaws were the neatest.]