Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Nineteen 

I enjoyed my home today. I find that people forget to enjoy their space after the newness has worn off. You can have a perfect deck with a perfect yard and look out your window at it and not once take time to enjoy it. Deciding to celebrate and take pleasure in my space has been a real process, I’ve not always been very good at it, but I am so much more happy for trying. Our deck needs work done to it and our view might not be grand, but this is where we are and it’s perfect.

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighty Two

I can’t be too ridged with my routine. I want to be available for others and be flexible when things go differently than I thought they would. It’s a life long process… I’m glad I’m starting to enjoy it.

(Today was just weird. I’m at a possible transition place at work. Adam lost his keys. We helped haul someone’s new grill to their house. I spent an hour helping a mother with her three kids (who all love me <<< which is awesome). We got caught in a huge rainstorm too. Through it all I was able to have joy. I wasn't necessarily happy about everything that happened, but I wasn't angry or stressed. I had fun. Life is good.)