Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Forty Three

Ya’ll thought we were done with the bathroom? Guess again! Here’s just a little side project to perfect the most glamorous room at Casa de Cook. Both Adam and I were skeptical of corner shelves, but we were amazed at how wonderful they are in here.



Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty One

Project Shrub Elimination: Phase One
 [Adam and I have some simple, but kinda labor intensive plans for this little yard. I’m not usually the one doing yard work, but after the day I had I was ready to CUT STUFF UP! Since I could only get to this after work, not a whole whole lot of progress was made today. I am super excited to share the progress we make.]

And I know this is becoming a long post, but I do want to apologize for missing days here. I have been fighting with sleep for years, it’s even been a DD to go to bed early!

That being said, things are going well at Casa de Cook. Lots and lots of repetitive cleaning and normal life stuff. Still DD-ing, I hope you all are too. 

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred SeventeenĀ 

Bathroom Project One: Revive old coat hanger to replace towel bar.


[This is the before photo. The hanger is currently painted and ready for the wall.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirteen

Began a mini belated birthday craft project tonight. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

[This photo has nothing to do with the project. All shall be revealed at the proper time. This is a closer photo of our new cups for using on the deck. They say ‘salud’ which means ‘health’.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred TenĀ 

Laundry Room Project One: Hang Curtain in Doorway in Lieu of a Door


[This wasn’t an expensive or time consuming project, but it’s made a huge impact on the space. Sorry for the awkward picture, but taking photos in this area is near impossible.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Ninety Seven

I finished my nail polish book! This will be a project I get to grow into and I’m looking forward to that!