Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Eight 

My midwife once told me ‘pregnancy isn’t a disease’ and she’s right. At 33 weeks I can sit in the sun, help with a painting project, go on a wagon ride around the house, paint my nails, help with some yard work, waddle around stores checking prices for party supplies, and still look cute! I’ve got limits, but I’m not bound up unable to participate in life!

[May have slightly over done it, but it was such a nice day. AND I got to enjoy it with my bff  Adam.]

[Side note: guess who wore sunscreen and didn’t get burnt? THIS girl!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Sixteen 

This evening I decided that a walk was a good idea. I also decided that if we were gonna have a bonfire we’d need marshmallows to roast… So, over 4,000 steps and an ice cream bar later, I was ready for a sit down! Even though the store didn’t have any marshmallows and we didn’t have a bonfire, spending time with my spouse during my favorite season was the best. Gotta find ways to enjoy life on the daily.
[31 weeks along, everybody! Visited my midwife today and things seem to be progressing well. Shoutout to Spouse for taking the great picture of me on Sunday… And letting me borrow that white shirt…]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eleven

Me and my current stowaway picked up some sticks in the yard for bonfires and sat in the sunshine. I also managed to paint my toes, which was a feat of extraordinary power, and worked on shower invites. Cookie did a super job helping me remember that I have a rib cage and that he’s running out of room. Lovely day for momma and son.
[WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??? I. GOT. A. SUNBURN. Granted, it’s not real bad and will probably fade by tomorrow or Friday, but what the what?!?!?! I promise I wasn’t outside that long today, I even went inside several times… I’ll be more careful, but my, I am not used to this!]

Daily Disciplines: Day Seventy Four

When you’re asked to give your opinion on a topic it’s a privilege. That person trusts you, so take the opportunity given and speak the truth in love. If you go around just spouting off what you feel is true you’ll find that people won’t ask for your thoughts, you’ve made them cheap.
[Last Wednesday I got to use the AC in our new car!! That will sound so trivial to a lot of people, but we’ve never had AC in our Bronco. This pregnant woman is rejoicing in this new car blessing daily!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty One

Project Shrub Elimination: Phase One
 [Adam and I have some simple, but kinda labor intensive plans for this little yard. I’m not usually the one doing yard work, but after the day I had I was ready to CUT STUFF UP! Since I could only get to this after work, not a whole whole lot of progress was made today. I am super excited to share the progress we make.]

And I know this is becoming a long post, but I do want to apologize for missing days here. I have been fighting with sleep for years, it’s even been a DD to go to bed early!

That being said, things are going well at Casa de Cook. Lots and lots of repetitive cleaning and normal life stuff. Still DD-ing, I hope you all are too. 

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Three

I’ve heard it said “attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure”. I’m not real great yet at viewing things as an adventure at first, but I’m changing my mind a lot sooner.

[Today was fine, no big crises, but I was thinking on this while Adam and I were going about being busy with life stuff.]


[On Sunday Adam and I went to explore our local park. It’s a nice little place. The seesaws were the neatest.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Fifty Five

It’s great to look at the next season of our lives with hope. However, it’s easy to idealize it and gain unrealistic expectations. We all want spring flowers, but hate the rain. I’m gonna try making more pro and con lists, that might help…

IMG_1411[Speaking of spring, this picture is of my floral ‘coloring book pants’ and my abstract watercolor floral scarf over top. Crazy cool combo!]