Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Thirty Two

Remember when I said I was making a list and checking it a bunch of times? Yeah, still doing that. I even got my bff in our the list writing…

[The shower is almost here and there’s lots of last minute things to do, hence the lists. Feeling all of the stress at the moment. Between work, shower stuff, home projects, nesting feels, and feeling icky… It’s just a lot of stuff. Soon the transition will be finished and it’ll be all good…]

[This picture is from Mother’s Day. It was my first, but it was a tough one for me…maybe I’ll just count next year’s as my first… Good news though, I looked awesome.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Sixty Two

For the last few days I was letting a little situation cause me to totally forget my list of blessings. Like, not a single thing could be good or right or lovely because of a tiny rain cloud… Well, the tiny rain cloud is gone and the situation handled, but I missed it. I missed an opportunity for growth. Since I recognized this error so quickly I can honestly say I’ve grown, but Lord help me make it the rest of the way!

[The situation was a little thing for work that I needed to take care of before my Christmas holiday. For a few reasons I couldn’t get it done and the stress of it was just eating me up. I went in on my time off and did what I could to make it right, and praise God, it paid off! Everyone was understanding and helpful and I can finally breath easier.]

[When you drive an old car and you get car decorations for the holiday you just say ‘why not?’! Annabelle The Lovable Tank got festive and she’s still rocking it!] 

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Three

I’ve heard it said “attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure”. I’m not real great yet at viewing things as an adventure at first, but I’m changing my mind a lot sooner.

[Today was fine, no big crises, but I was thinking on this while Adam and I were going about being busy with life stuff.]


[On Sunday Adam and I went to explore our local park. It’s a nice little place. The seesaws were the neatest.]