Daily Disciplines: Day Forty Eight

So it has begun…
Do all the research!
Register for all the gifts! 

And just so ya’ll know, Adam and I are putting effort into this registry and boy, is it work!

[If you haven’t heard of BabyList yet, look them up! It’s such a great concept: register for anything you want for any store you want in one convinient place. I might do an instructional video for family and friends to help them work it or, but this is amazing.]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

If ya’ll forgot, I was working out earlier this year with my awesome neighbor. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping mum on that front. The silence was because we’ve been really sporadic about getting together. One thing or another seemed to be getting in the way, however there is hope! Heather and I are back at it and chipping away at our health goals. I may be extra sore, but I’m oh so proud. Cheers to getting back “on the horse” so to speak.
[COLOR CHANGING SILLY PUTTY IS AT TARGET!!!! I’ve been looking for this for Adam for YEARS! It’s the best. Seriously.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Eighty Seven

Adult Life Tip #2: Take a page out of the book from your teen years. Don’t get crazy on me and go break some laws, and I’m not really taking to my young adult friends, this is for my more mature friends. Don’t worry so much about what strangers think and fully embrace the joys all around you. If a bike is just parked next to the display, ride it, and then crash it into a shelf, and then laugh a lot. It’s good for you.



Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Seventy One

We wanted to budget more money in certain categories this month, but couldn’t. However, we just got some unexpected money! When I first thought about it, I realized that I had a choice to make: would I spend the money haphazardly or would I divide the money among the categories Adam and I discussed? I’m learning to trust that God knows what I need, and to make decisions with the future in mind. It feels good to know we made a good decision.

[I saw this shirt at Target and thought of my younger brother who loves cats. He also loves crazy trippy stuff.]


Daily Disciplines: Day Eighteen

Adam and I go out on dates to strengthen our relationship with each other, and today I used the principle and took myself out on a date. It’s easy to look at going out alone as sad because there’s no one else to talk to but I think we let too many voices drown out our own. I let Caitlin speak tonight…she’s kinda neat.

[Check out my Target Treasures: Two pairs of socks, a new pair of tights, and a Moleskin journal, for a little project, all on sale! Not pictured is the awesome stationery I got for Adam!]