Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Eighteen

If ya’ll forgot, I was working out earlier this year with my awesome neighbor. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping mum on that front. The silence was because we’ve been really sporadic about getting together. One thing or another seemed to be getting in the way, however there is hope! Heather and I are back at it and chipping away at our health goals. I may be extra sore, but I’m oh so proud. Cheers to getting back “on the horse” so to speak.
[COLOR CHANGING SILLY PUTTY IS AT TARGET!!!! I’ve been looking for this for Adam for YEARS! It’s the best. Seriously.]

Daily Disciplines: Day Three Hundred Forty One

Two or three weeks ago if you’d have told me I’d do an intense 48 minute workout I’d laugh in your face. However, today I did just that! We only stopped the video once and I came out of the workout looking forward to doing better next time. Even if I can’t tell from day to day, I know that progress is being made!

IMG_6903.JPG[For our housewarming party, some friends of ours did some amazing money folding gift magic! Adam really should have figured out a way to wear that bow tie… And I was sorely tempted to keep the butterfly ring forever.]



IMG_6906.JPG[They also made some boxes that had money in them too! AND ANOTHER RING! Even if it was only about 16$ it was the coolest way to receive money on the planet!]

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Ninety Seven

Sometimes you need a good cry… I needed a cry and I’ll probably need a few more, but God is good through everything. He even gave me a beautiful sunset tonight. I’m working out my emotional person and I can feel the burn.

(My supervisor at work is leaving and that means I’ll take over her position. I feel vastly unprepared for it, and very overwhelmed. I’ll make the transition and so will everyone else at the office… It’ll be good. Even if its really really really sad cause she’s a great friend too.)